How to Choose Your Home

Once you decide on a neighborhood, you then need to figure out which house is the best fit for you.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Know the type of house you want to purchase
  • Do you want a newly constructed home or an older home
  • Consider the house’s potential for resale
  • Have a “wish list” of features you’d like
  • Use a home search comparison to stay on track
  • Be decisive once you’ve found the house you want

What Kind of Home Do You Want? 

Know going in if you want a single-home dwelling, one for multiple families, condo, apartment, etc.

How Old is the House You Want? 

Consider your budget and needs, along with your tastes, when deciding whether you want to purchase a newly constructed home, an older house or one that needs some work.

Factor in Resale Potential

Thing to consider as you begin your search for a new home:

  • Homes with “curb appeal” are the easiest to resale
  • The most expensive homes and the ones that have unusual or unique characteristics are the most difficult to sell
  • One-bedroom condos are much harder to resell than multiple bedroom condos
  • Two-bedroom/one bath single homes have less appeal than houses with three or more bedrooms

Use a Features Wish List to Stay Focused

Make a “Wish List” of features to clarify what is most and least important to you when looking for a home. Using this list will keep your search focused.

Use a Comparison Chart to Stay Organized

While house hunting, it’s a good idea to make notes because viewing several houses at a time can be confusing. Use a home comparison chart to help you keep track of your search, organize your thoughts and record your impressions.

Be Decisive When You Find the Right Home

Before you begin the home buying process, decide to act promptly when you do find the right house. Everyone has stories about someone finally locating their dream house…and then saying they need to think about it. Often, their inability to make a decision costs then as someone comes behind them and makes an offer that is accepted. Resolve that you will act decisively when you find the house that’s right for you.

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